Split Variations.

Currently in development, SPLIT is a composition across three vinyl records, each side containing a six minute edit of excerpts from found sound sources and field recordings. The Split Variations will be the collective name for all the versions of the composition yet to be performed.

The three records in plain sleeves, September 2018.

The three records in plain sleeves, September 2018.

This work explores alternative ideas of what a composition could be, ritualistic elements of playing records, treating sounds as raw materials.

The records can be played in any order, at any speed, starting at any point, with or without effects or processing to create new configurations of the sounds.

Any performance involving the records may be considered a variation on the theme of Split.

The records are not labelled and there are no track listings.

The composition can only be played using the original records.

The composition is never final or complete.

Supported by the Sound And Music Frances Chagrin Composition Award 2018.

The records were custom made at Birds Hit Records, Manchester.


Hand printing the record sleeves after a period of ‘gestation’, February 2019.