Some selected compositions.

An edit of two simultaneous recordings made during a thunderstorm with heavy rain in Todmorden, Lancashire, UK. One recording from inside the room next to an open window and one from a contact microphone inside an empty food can on the outside window ledge.

Composed of samples taken from a collection of records, released in the UK and Netherlands of bird songs recorded in the wild.

The composition includes parts of some of the records that capture ambient sounds as well as birds such as a river and church bells in the background.

A “sonic review” of an exhibition by David Lynch at The Photographer’s Gallery, London in 2015. The work was dark, somewhat bleak industrial scenes in black and white. This piece is a collage of sounds recorded on cassette recorder while viewing the exhibition, walking through the gallery and standing in front of the pictures while Lynch’s own dark, ambient soundtrack drifts through the space.

Improvised on an abandoned upright piano in the yard at the old arts campus of Salford University. Dragging a pencil along the exposed strings, throwing a handful of screws at the open back of the piano, pushing some of the broken keys. Children playing at a nearby school can be heard in the background.


Retrospective: a Soundcloud playlist.