Cassettes in the studio.

Cassettes in the studio.


Joined Apart, Concrete Ear 2015. DL/CDR at Bandcamp.

Sea Of Mirrors, Electronic Musik, 2012. Free DL at Internet Archive.

Found in A Skip Releases 2008-2013. Free DL at Internet Archive.

Collabs/featuring Gary Fisher:

Good Vibrations by Christian Marclay, Thurston Moore, London Sinfonietta, and others live at White Cube London.

Limited edition vinyl by Vinyl Factory.

Legitimate Sculpture 1 by Legitimate Sculptures, 2016. DL at Bandcamp.

Triangle by Dunning/Testrak/Fisher (Graham Dunning, Testrak, Gary Fisher) OSG 2014. Free DL at Internet Archive.

Rules of The Sandpit by Two Koi Carp. Super limited edition CD. (Features Gary playing guitar!) Not available.


Joined Apart- “Ambient sounds linger on penetrated by sharp short interferences, silent pauses, effected electronics, distortion, and tinkered with metal and objects” “…it all swells into one interesting and very worth while journey” Reviewed by Penthouse NQ.

Joined Apart - Reviewed by Franz de Waard in Vital Weekly (Issue 1002).

Broken Cymbal Music-Fisher created an interesting solo work that should put him a bit on the map of improvisers and hopefully some fine collaborations.” Reviewed by Franz de Waard in Vital Weekly (Issue 675).