Concerts / interventions / improvising with places and situations / making sounds in public.

Performances have happened in places such as concert halls, pubs, living rooms, public spaces, disused shops and on live radio, they explore relationships between improvised and composed, intentional and accidental, analogue and digital and respond to situations, places, materials. They can be long-form soundscapes, arrangements of various sound materials, improvisations with found objects, explorations of the sound-making opportunities in places and spaces.

He has performed and created new live works at events such as Futuresonic Festival; Manchester Literature Festival; Manchester Science Festival; Sluice, London; Chorlton Arts Festival. Gary has also performed in groups and collaborated with artists, musicians, film makers, producers and members of the public including with Christian Marclay, Thurston Moore and London Sinfonietta at The White Cube London (2015), a one-off performance as Yard Collective at the David Toop curated Sculpture for the 50th anniversary of Alan Kaprow’s Yard at The Hepworth Wakefield (2014) and with Anthony Donovan’s Murmurists, a mass improvisation/protest project at Preston Jazz Festival (2018).

More content coming soon:

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