Gary Fisher biography.

Gary Fisher is an artist and experimental musician whose work explores sound through processes of inquiry and experimentation with objects, actions, words, places and technologies. He records, composes, performs and creates installations with various sound materials and approaches including found objects, found sounds, invented instruments, alternative approaches to traditional instruments, interacting with spaces and places. Central to the work are the ideas of treating sounds as materials and materials as potential sound-makers, amplifying textures and surfaces of objects The work often creates dialogues and blurs boundaries between improvised and composed, analogue and digital, intentional and accidental, noise and music, and always leaves room for elements of playfulness and humor.

Gary has a Masters in Sound Arts from The University of Arts London and an BA in Visual arts from The University of Salford. He has performed at festivals, in galleries, concert halls, public spaces, living rooms and on live radio including: Manchester Science Festival, Futuresonic Festival, Manchester Literature Festival, Chorlton Arts Festival, Venice Biennale, White Cube London with Christian Marclay, Thurston Moore and others, Resonance FM London and The Other Room, Manchester.

In 2018 Gary was chosen for the Frances Chagrin Award for Composition. His piece SPLIT: a series of vinyl records composed of sound materials using cut-up technique, is currently in development.

Visual scores in The British Music Collection.

Photo: Manchester Museum / Manchester Science Festival.

Photo: Manchester Museum / Manchester Science Festival.

Gary Fisher CV / Selected performances and exhibitions:

Solo performances:

2017 A meeting of Sounds, Fuel, Manchester.

2016 Manchester Literature Festival, commissioned piece for Powerlines project.

2016 The Other Room 8th Birthday, The Castle, Manchester.

2015 Live Piece With Tape Recorders, NTS Radio, London.

2014 Approaching The Object, Constantly Evolving But never Ending, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, curated by Irene Revell (Electra Projects).

2013 Improvisation with Objects and Electronics, Noise Above Noise, The Penthouse, Manchester.

2013 Sluice Art Fair, London

2012 Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester

2009 Startrunning at Futuresonic Festival, Manchester.

Group performances:

2016 Preston Jazz Festival with Murmurists.

2015 Singing Saws and Glass Harp Performance, White Cube, London, with Christian Marclay, Thurston Moore and others, composed/directed by Christian Marclay. (Live recording released by Vinyl Factory as Good Vibrations).

2014 Sculpture 4: Allan Kaprow: Yard 1961-2014, The Hepworth, Wakefield, group improvisation/intervention. Sculpture series curated by David Toop and Rie Nakajima.

2014 Ritual In Parallel For Objects and Electronics, Soundings No.1, Powerlunches, London, with Graham Dunning.

Solo Exhibitions:

2016 Gary Fisher: Visual Recordings, All The Shapes, Manchester.

Group Exhibitions:

2014 Document For Approaching The Object, Constantly Evolving But Never Ending, Angus-

Hughes Gallery, London, curator: Irene Revell (Electra Projects).

2013 Everything’s Great! The Hive, Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

2011 Lost Language, Kraak Gallery, Manchester.

2010 Cymbal For Murmur, Menu For Murmur, Chapman Gallery, Salford, curated by Ben Gwilliam and Helmut Lemke.


2017 Manchester Science Festival, Manchester Museum, Musical Cosmos, one day mini Artist in Residence project with live sound tour of the museum.

2015 The Penthouse, Manchester, Noise Above Noise residency with live performance and open studio exhibition.


2018 Visual scores in The British Music Collection, selection of visual musical scores included in The British Music Collection.

2017 The Other Room Anthology, hand drawn poster from The Other Room 8th Birthday included in The Other Room 2016 Anthology.

2010 This Work Will Be Destroyed In A Fire, Artist’s Bonfire, Islington Mill, Salford, piece for performance in the absence of the artist.